Website development

Do you need a website for your business, for new project or for personal use? Not sure where to start?
Entrust everything to us. We will take care of it!
Fill the form or send us an email (contacts below) to chat with the development team about your needs, and to find the best solution we can offer to solve your task for a reasonable price!

You get for the base price:

  1. Turnkey solution: modern and attractive website
  2. Design optimized for computers, tablets and phones
  3. Google Analytics built-in statistics code
  4. Website prototype on real internet hosting
  5. Adjustments according to the comments and wishes of the client (1 iteration)
  6. Audit by Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  7. As a gift, you get rid of related technical problems (we'll do it for you for free): Checking domain names for your website (10 names); Support in registering a domain name; Optimal hosting selection, setup and deployment; Customized email address

Recent projects

You can look at projects that we successfully released

TreeTalk website

Simple informational site. Separate pages with various static content, plus the Wordpress blog

Promarket-eu landing page for Aquaphor water filter website

Multilingual website with some static and some generated content

Promarket-EU store

Wordpress-based e-commerce store made using WooCommerce and other popular plugins, stylized and set up according to the Promarket-EU preferences

Website Development:
Rates (Base Price)

"Business card" website or Landing page


included: 1 page HTML: logo, 1-3 information blocks, contact block, 1-4 links, text up to 3000 characters, 1-4 images1

Blog / Article or News Page based on the WordPress Engine


included: logo, 1 main page, 1 message, contact block, top and side menus, links to social networks, total 1-10 links, text up to 5000 characters, 1-10 images1, upload to hosting2

Corporate or personal website


included: logo, menu, 1 main page, 1-4 additional pages, contact block (footer): total 1-20 links, text up to 10,000 characters, 1-20 images1

Online Store (e-commerce website)


included: logo, top and side menus, 1 main page, 1-3 additional pages (policies, delivery), 1-4 product categories, 4-6 test products, contact block (footer): total 1-20 links, text up to 10,000 characters, 1-20 images1, upload to hosting2, setting up email messages, order form or linking an online payment system3

Additional services

Primary e-mail or WA consultation (up to 10 minutes)


Additional page (text up to 2000 characters, 1-3 images1)


Policies page (privacy, cookies), text included


Product placement in the online store (10 additional products: total 1-10 links, text up to 10,000 characters, 1-20 images1)


Additional language for the website4


Additional page in another language (text up to 2000 characters, 1-3 images1)


Additional or non-standardized work (as agreed with the customer), for 1 hour


Search and selection of stock images (for 1)


Creating original graphics

depends on complexity

Organization and configuration of web hosting

€05 / €35 + price of operator services

Checking domain names for the site (10 names in 5 zones (.eu, .com, .info + 2 optional)

€05 / €20

Support in registering a domain name, setting up DNS

€05 / €35 + price of registration services

Installation of additional plug-in2


Setting the individual email address on the created hosting

€05 / €15

Support in registering and / or setting up Google Analytics statistics


Follow-up support (if necessary)

depends on complexity

1 logo, text and images are provided by customer

2 access to hosting is provided

3 selection and access to the online payment system is provided by the client or is organized by us for a fee

4 in some cases, it may be needed an installation of paid plug-ins (add-ons)

5 free if you order one of the turnkey solutions listed above

Technologies and techniques

We love to use upcoming but reliable techniques
and technologies


We are making fast prototypes for our projects. This helps to decrease time on testing and be sure to do exactly what it needs.


Even static sites may use a good bunch of an automation.


Time-tested system for implementing typical tasks.

Secret ingredient

Your website designed according to the rule of art.