Underground Radio is Talking


Even such old technical means like radio, may undergo significant changes. The development of Omsk innovative company “HF communication” made a splash at the International Speleological Congress in the Czech Republic: new two-way radio was able to communicate under the ground that was previously considered impossible in principle. This portable device allows you to talk without interference in the distance of at least 100 meters. On the surface of the earth this device allows to send voice messages up to 50 kilometers. The station allows you to communicate in caves and mines. The development of Omsk inventors has already attracted an interest of EMERCOM rescue units from Yakutia.

Another innovative type of wireless communications was invented specifically for the taxi drivers. It was offered by the Krasnoyarsk innovators from the TreeTalk company. They propose to replace the taxi two-way radios by the terminals for wireless voice communication, which will be connected through wireless networks. There are plenty of such networks in the cities (for example, data networks of mobile phone carriers and Wi-Fi hotspots). The project was supported by the regional business incubator; the required investments are estimated at 35 million rubles.


Translated automatically.
Source (in Russian): http://ko.ru/news/2427