Resident of KRITBI Took “Start”

12/22/2014 14:43
Resident of KRITBI Took “Start”

The Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology has conducted the expert jury of the program “Start”.

Within the full-time expert jury, 142 applications for participation in the program was heard, and 60 of which are recommended for funding, coordinated by the Expert Council and approved by the Bureau of the Supervisory Board.

Development, presented by the company TreeTalk – a resident of the Krasnoyarsk regional innovation and technology business incubator – passed competitive selection. The company develops wireless voice terminals and special networking software for servers.

Under the terms of the programme “Start”, realizing by the three stages, each stage is implemented within one year. In the first year the Fund allocates funds in the amount of 1 million Rubles for the implementation of research, and controls the results. From the second year, the Fund provides financing on an equal basis, that is, the enterprise should attract extra-budgetary sources of funding, or invest their own funds in the same amount as that of the Fund. In the second stage Assistance Foundation allocated 2 million Rubles, the third stage – 3 million Rubles.

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