Taxi’s Two-Way Radios will Be Replaced by the Wireless Terminals.

Monday, August 5, 2013 14:18

Krasnoyarsk innovators offered the Novelty in Wireless communications specifically for taxi drivers.

The new project of  TreeTalk LLC  has found the support of the regional business incubator. The company has already become its resident. In general, the required investments are estimated at 35 million rubles. Money is needed for the development of equipment and network infrastructure.

Nowadays, the two-way radio for a taxi is a necessary mean of information transfer. Selecting the radio, taxi drivers usually take into account the capacity, number of channels, and reliability. It is also important the way radio works.

Typically, radio transmitters, which are now installed in a taxi, are of poor quality and do not provide a connection for more than 500 meters [Actually, it’s a misprint, evidently. The distance may vary up to 30 km, but the quality will be progressively decreased – Note of translator]. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of communications, the project of the wireless voice terminal is developed.

“With the introduction of our invention, the connection will be carried out through wireless data networks, which are covering the city, for example, via mobile phone networks and WI-Fi. The voice uplink will be of a digital quality. Also the reliability of its work will be ensured,” Igor Yanovskiy (the inventor of the terminal, the CEO of TreeTalk LLC) said.

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