TreeTalk: New Solution in Telecommunications

We are proud to present our new products. These are the Terminal, the System and the software environment for real-time voice group communications. As a matter of fact, we are creating a new class of mobile devices and a new global communications ecosystem in order to replace outdated Land Mobile Radio transceivers.

Usually, those, who seek a real-time voice connection, mostly use analog conventional and trunked radio, which have a number of flaws, such as a limited range of communication, a need for power amplifiers and bulky antennas, an unstable signal quality, and so on.
Why have people been buying these pricey radios for 100 years? Because of 3 simple advantages.
It allows you to broadcast.
It provides an instant connection.
It's easy to use. Push one button and talk.

Our product inherits advantages of LMR/PMR, avoiding their flaws. We have made sophisticated embedded software to digitize and compress speech and to transmit it through existing wireless data networks without loss.
So our all-purpose system has more features, but is many times simpler and cheaper for users. It saves the time, and eliminates extra expenses.

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