What is TreeTalk?

TreeTalk is an innovative startup in the field of telecommunications. And we are making real our vision on the future, gently implementing good old ideas to the top-notch technological base. See more info at the technology page.

Current investment offer: invest in TreeTalk 120000 Euro and get:
✔ 6% stake,
✔ interesting job and prospects in a growing company,
✔ a residence permit in Italy with the right to work.

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Traction and Plans

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TreeTalk Selector is soon to be ready for private beta testing.
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TreeTalk Credenza

TreeTalk Credenza project started

TreeTalk Selector

TreeTalk Selector software prototyping

TreeTalk Universal Communicator

TreeTalk Universal Wireless Communicator plus Support Panel Prototype is ready.

TreeTalk Intercom

TreeTalk Intercom Prototype is ready.

October 2018
Maker Faire Roma 2018 – European Edition

TreeTalk became the finalist of the Call4Makers competition in the Innovative Projects category and presented its promising products at the Regione Lazio stand.

Moving to Rome

In the end of 2017 our startup TreeTalk was selected for the Italia Startup Visa program by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, and finally we are in the Eternal City.

Real life testing of the prototypes started

Real-life test of TreeTalk terminal and system.

May 2016
U.S. Patent N 9,338,275 B2

United States patent was issued for our invention (TreeTalk Terminal and Network). We consider it as an additional sign of innovative level of our product.

April 2016
Web UI and server infrastructure in beta

First playable beta for the project.

Investment of founder

Project is started.


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Photo by Randall Bruder on Unsplash