TreeTalk products

System. Core

There are two underlying ideas that we follow, developing our system:

A. People really often need the devices and apps that work in the instant-call paradigm (instead of session-mode paradigm used in telephones and messengers like Skype etc). Two-way radios are the mostly popular in this area. People have been buying these pricey radios for 100 years and continue. But existing solutions are based on ridiculously outdated technologies, which we have to improve.

B. Nowadays, it makes no sense to build primitive infrastructure for each new voice channel (as LMR/PMR users still do), while modern networks cover 90 percent of the world population, and powerful microprocessors are cheap and energy efficient.

So we digitize sound, compress and transfer it (without loss) to other devices, to their groups and to compatible hardware and software systems, using existing wireless data transport environments. We've developed voice compression and reliable transmission technology, which allows us to use even the narrow-band mobile networks of 2-3 generations.

Here is the video, clarifying the TreeTalk device, software and infrastructure in 90 seconds, in English.

Video, che chiarisce i dispositivi, il software e l'infrastruttura TreeTalk - in 90 secondi, in inglese, con sottotitoli in Italiano.

The entire system, beside terminals, comprises a web front-end, back-end, databases and servers for addressing and routing. This platform allows developing a variety of applications in the area of the instant voice conversation and messaging.

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Car Communicator ("The Terminal One")

The design of our device is developed and patented, based on customer feedback, to fit both - cars and trucks.

Our terminal has no external antenna.
It fit the standard 1 DIN slot in the dashboard.
It has a 'Repeat' button for the case of misunderstanding or failure to hear the other party.
It has the omnivorous 12/24 volt PSU.
Thanks to the modular construction, different networks and technologies may be used - beginning from popular GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE to regional (WiMAX, HiperMAN) and exotic (iBurst, NGH, FreedomPop).

Interested? Have a look at 2-minute road test video.

Web Front-end

Web front-end provides access to the user's account.

User can create the virtual channels (groups), add devices and apps into them and manage them easily: to connect, to disconnect, to move etc.

Dispatcher App

Dispatcher's app combines the standard functionality for orders handling with new voice functions.

  • The dispatcher can see - who is online and where.
  • The dispatcher can see - who is calling, and listen to missed messages.
  • The dispatcher can use a group call or selective call.

Mobile App

The main feature of this app is a constant and instant voice connection.

Besides that, text messages exchange and file sending are supported.

Just push the 'Public Address' button and the entire group will hear you. Of course, you can push the individual contact button and only one person will listen to you at the same moment. If he/she is absent, your message will be automatically recorded and will be available to replay.

Communication Module for ATM, Parking Meter, Self-service Kiosk, etc.

If an ATM swallows a card, or a problem occurs to the parking meter, nowadays you have to look for the phone number, to call, to wade through annoying ads and "press 1 for this, press 2 for that", then explain the problem to the service employee a long while.

Instead, simply press a button and say what happened - TreeTalk connects instantly, and the operator is already known exactly where you are, and probably what happened.

In Development

Modular electronics design principles, which we follow, and versatile TreeTalk protocol will and the product line and rapidly branch out into adjacent niches that also require a permanent connection and high-quality voice communication

Handheld Communicator (walkie-talkie)

For us, this is a natural next stage of development. Why we did not it first?

People do not trust the handhelds, because old radio technology has a lot of unsolved technical problems: limited battery capacity and small size entail the impossibility of using high-power RF amplifiers and efficient antennas, which results in the range limitation and affects a reliability of communications.

Our solution does not need amplifiers and antennas, so it is easy to solve the basic problems. But it will take time and effort to restore consumer confidence in the reliability of such a device.

Big Button with Purple TT sign for Self-driving Cars, Unmanned Vehicles and Delivery Drones

Even if algorithms, controlling the autonomous vehicle, look ideal, always there is a room for surprise in the real life. So the people inside and, maybe, outside the vehicle must have the opportunity of INSTANT voice connection to the dispatcher / control tower / support / service.

That is the matter of security as well as of confidence. And that is exactly what we do. Our Terminal and System provides constant connection, instant call, simplicity of use, and good integration both with the remote dispatcher software, and with vehicle equipment.

Office / Shop Communication Box

Not everywhere in the production is allowed to use computers and smartphones (including, for security reasons). Conventional communication devices require wires and poorly integrated with the software.

Our communicators operate via any LAN or Wi-Fi, or even via 3G. They can be used in conjunction with the control system software like The Selector by TreeTalk.