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TreeTalk is a startup, in which hardware, software and telecommunications become fused. In a nutshell - we are building a new global Telecommunications ecosystem that works under the paradigm of constant connection and instant voice calls.

The First underlying idea that we follow, developing our system, is that of people, from the ancient times, always need the means of communications that work in the instant-call paradigm (instead of session-mode paradigm used in telephones and numerous messengers). We are going to revolutionize the industry of two-way radios and other analog real-time audio devices, just like an iPod in its time has revolutionized the industry of music players: we are digitizing the technology and moving it into the cloud via the Internet.


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Our products

We are proud to present our new products, demonstrating the advantages of our approach

TreeTalk Universal Communicator plus Support Panel

This part of a system contains all the electronics. It does not require wiring: communication with the dispatcher is via Wi-Fi and / or a cellular (wireless) network. Thanks to the modular design, you can use the wireless protocol that is less costly. It is recommended to use a dedicated Wi-Fi router with a directional antenna for the elevator shaft.

The Advantages of TreeTalk Universal Communicator:

  • Modular design
  • It does not require wiring
  • Voice communication is always on – just push a button and talk
  • If occasionally messages come from several places at once, they do not interfere with each other
  • Using the same program, the operator can communicate with mobile repair crews, concierges, service personnel and other staff
  • The built-in emergency power supply of the communicator allows maintaining communication for at least 1-2 hours in the event of a power outage

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TreeTalk Intercom

terminal picture

TreeTalk Intercom is another example of digital device that works on the TreeTalk universal platform. It instantly transmits and receives voice information in the groups with possible topology of the "star" type, with the dispatcher's computer in the center.

TreeTalk Intercom does not require the laying of cable communication lines, does not need a hardware control desk, switches or commutators. It provides a digital speech quality and has additional useful features.

These are the Terminal, the System and the software environment for real-time voice group communications. As a matter of fact, we are creating a new class of mobile devices and a new global communications ecosystem in order to replace outdated Land Mobile Radio transceivers.
Usually, those, who seek a real-time voice connection, mostly use analog conventional and trunked radio, which have a number of flaws, such as a limited range of communication, a need for power amplifiers and bulky antennas, an unstable signal quality, and so on.
Why have people been buying these pricey radios for 100 years? Because of 3 simple advantages.
It allows you to broadcast.
It provides an instant connection.
It's easy to use. Push one button and talk.

Our product inherits advantages of LMR/PMR, avoiding their flaws. We have made sophisticated embedded software to digitize and compress speech and to transmit it through existing wireless data networks without loss.
So our all-purpose system has more features, but is many times simpler and cheaper for users. It saves the time, and eliminates extra expenses.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

The Core

Here is the video, clarifying the TreeTalk device, software and infrastructure in 1.5 minute, in English.

TreeTalk Core picture

Web Front-end

Web front-end provides an access to the user's account...

terminal picture

Dispatcher App

Dispatcher's app combines the standard functionality for orders handling with new voice functions.

terminal picture

Mobile App

Just push the 'Public Address' button and the entire group will hear you.

terminal picture

Handheld Communicator (walkie-talkie)

In Development: prototyping stage

terminal picture

Communication Module

...for ATM, Parking Meter, Self-service Kiosk, etc.

terminal picture

Vehicle button

Big Button with Purple TT sign for Self-driving Cars, Unmanned Vehicles and Delivery Drones

terminal picture


Knowing the location along with the constant voice contact - often it is what is needed while hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities.


TreeTalk Universal Communicator plus Support Panel overview is available now


We are proud to present to you the system for real-time voice conversations between remote objects.
It's excellent for places like elevators and isolated rooms (shops, offices), mobile objects (delivery robots, unmanned vehicles), self-service kiosks and laundromats, ATMs, and customer support.

Universal Communicator is designed not only to be friendly for the customer or end-user but is also easy to install and maintain for your crew.
We covered all the basics and worked out an example of TreeTalk UCB as an Elevator Communicator in the article you can read by link below.


TreeTalk at Maker Faire Roma 2018 – European Edition


We became the finalist of the Call4Makers competition in the Innovative Projects category and presented our promising products at the at Maker Faire Roma 2018 – European Edition, Regione Lazio stand. There TreeTalk has demonstrated the working prototypes of devices, software and cloud system.

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TreeTalk Intercom Prototype


And here is the very first workable prototype of the product of this series. Externally, it really looks like a door phone or an intercom, and it's as simple from the outside - the user just press and hold one TT button (TreeTalk or ToTalk, whatever you want) to contact his team or dispatcher. So far, everything seems familiar. But then - the differences begin...


Field Tests 2018. Summer.


We tested our very first prototype in the really harsh conditions of Siberian winter. Now we have reincarnation number 3 of that prototype, and it's time to trial it under the Southern sun. The conditions appear harsh enough, too, but in the opposite sense. The terminal was subject to temperature extremes up to +55 Celsius (131 Fahrenheit).

Let's go!


Reports From the TreeTalk Road Tests. 2017.

First trial run confirmed all of the declared advantages of TreeTalk solution. Yes, TreeTalk communicator still looks like a professional (conventional or trunked) two-way radio. It inherits the pluses of LMR/PMR: broadcasting, constant connection, instant calls, and simplicity. Additionally, TreeTalk adds its own features.


TreeTalk Terminal and Network is patented now


United States patent N 9,338,275 was issued for our invention (TreeTalk Terminal and Network). We consider it as an additional sign of innovative level of our product. Special thanks for the neat and fast job to our patent attorneys - Patent Hatchery LLC (!


Field Tests. Winter

First slide Second slide

TreeTalk has conducted the regular field tests of the voice terminal prototype. Current testing has been specially planned for the winter period and held in harsh conditions. However, most of the tests completed successfully, clearly confirming the advantages of the TreeTalk terminal in the reliability and quality of the voice, as well as in the convenience of handling over conventional and trunked radios.