TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software

TreeTalk Credenza: Fraud-Prevention and Risk-Evaluation Software for E-Commerce: New Features

Exciting update!
Based on valuable input from e-commerce vendors, the Credenza user interface has been enhanced with additional features to streamline productivity and user experience. It now seamlessly integrates multi-channel orders, and crucially, Credenza helps sellers adhere to stringent regulations on personal data protection, minimizing the risk of data breaches and devastating penalties.

EU data protection fines
EU data protection fines

Let us remind you that Credenza is fraud detection and risk-evaluation software designed specifically for e-commerce. With the rapid expansion of online sales, various types of fraud have emerged, posing challenges for traditional fraud detection solutions. What makes Credenza stand out is its innovative crowdsourcing platform, which consolidates the collective sales experience of numerous sellers into a unified global database using TreeTalk SDM NoSQL Technology.

Now about the new features.
We’ve discovered that many of our potential users leverage multiple sales channels, frequently including major marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. It is difficult to integrate orders from these diverse platforms due to their varied reporting formats and the arbitrary deletion of data over time. Adhering to new laws regarding personal data protection further compounds these challenges.

TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software
TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software: multi-channel orders option

First, we have simplified the import of data on marketplace orders and made it semi-automatic.

In the first stage, we tested importing orders from Amazon, eBay, and WooCommerce. In addition, the ability to customize allows you to receive data from any .csv file. In the future, we plan to make it easier to obtain data from the most popular marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Allegro, Mercado Libre, Alibaba / Taobao / Tmall, Shopee, Flipkart, Ozon, and Wildberries. Of course, we will support independent retailers using Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, and Opencart. Vote for your marketplace or platform in the poll (link below), participate in beta testing – and we can make it faster!

TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software: milti-channel orders support
TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software: multi-channel orders support

Of course, manual import is also possible. For example, let’s manually import a list of Amazon FBM orders. What happens after loading fresh orders? A background process automatically checks the new transaction’s fingerprints against similar patterns already in your database and in the shared database. If the machine learning model finds anomalies or existing records, this information is displayed in the order list and in the buyer’s profile. The system issues an urgent warning if there is a serious reason to worry.

TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software
TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software

When it comes to shared data, Credenza stands apart from various “blacklists” by offering true anonymization, depersonalization, and atomization within its crowdsourced database. Crucially, Credenza differs from online services as it operates as a native application, ensuring that all sensitive data remains securely stored on the user’s device and never transmitted over the network, thereby mitigating potential data breaches. Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose their preferred data encryption method based on jurisdiction: AES-256, commonly permitted in free countries; DES-56, permissible in many police and authoritarian states without authorization; and XOR with a 40-bit key, suitable for regions with outdated data encryption laws.

software: GDPR data encryption and compliance
TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce fraud prevention risk evaluation software: GDPR data encryption and compliance

We recommend using: Advanced Data Encryption Standard AES-256 with CBC chain mode, non-breakable for the moment.

Marketplaces have their own privacy policies, and buyer data is deleted some time after ordering. A Credenza user can set the storage time for customer personal data for different sales channels. There is also the possibility of manually deleting individual data for the sales channel as a whole or for an individual buyer, upon his request. At the same time, anonymized transaction metadata (“fingerprints”) are stored and, when receiving a new order from a buyer, the system can restore historical data to check customer scoring and to detect possible fraud.

Of course, there is also the already familiar option of manually requesting data.

TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce software
TreeTalk Credenza eCommerce software

We extend a warm invitation to e-commerce sellers to join us in securely sharing anonymous sales data through Credenza, empowering us to combat fraud and other e-commerce risks collectively. Participate in our beta testing program, show your support on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and enjoy access to the system’s unique features completely free of charge. Additionally, don’t forget to take our short survey and cast your vote for the features you’d like to see integrated into Credenza. Links are provided below.

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