Real-life test of TreeTalk terminal and system. Part 1. Hands-on.








TreeTalk has begun conducting the real-life tests of the voice terminal. Now the prototypes are being tested in the cars, which is riding around the city and near suburbs in a mode of normal use. Thus, during parking, warm-up and on the move the terminals are subject to temperature extremes from -30 to +20 Celsius (-22 to +68 Fahrenheit). All this time, the built-in audit system records the slightest failures in the network connection, the electronics and embedded firmware.

First trial run confirmed all of the declared advantages of TreeTalk solution. Yes, it still looks like a professional (conventional or trunked) two-way radio. It inherits the pluses of LMR/PMR: broadcasting, constant connection, instant calls, and simplicity. Additionally, TreeTalk adds its own features.

The differences are becoming clear from the very beginning.

Proto_DINFirst, users of the TreeTalk devices do not need to spend time and effort to complex mounting. The device fits the standard 1-DIN slot perfectly and there is still enough place remaining for the car audio. Professional transceivers are heavy and usually hot. They are energy consuming, thus require dedicated power line from the car battery, made of thick wires. In contrary, TT terminal is light in weight and require minimum power (0.5 Amp). It is omnivorous (10-26 V), so did not require any special DC-DC converter. Its installation is easy, because our specimen has not any wires or connectors on the back panel to connect somewhere.

Strict design looks good in the dashboard of the car. Frontal speaker gives a sound loud enough, even on the medium volume level.








Second, TreeTalk terminal works without any external antenna. Radio hobbyists and professionals know that antenna, sticking out of the car top, is a weak spot and eternal headache. It is always going to be lost or broken, and the cable tends to be tangled and torn. So no antenna – no problem.

Third, the terminal is very friendly. All manipulations with the buttons are accompanied by signals or voice announcements (in English). If you miss the last message, led indicates that it is recorded — you can just push ‘REPEAT’ button to listen to it. (If you did not understand or resolve some important information, you can make that again).

(To be continued…)

Traction and Plans

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans." Woody Allen






Our first R&D study, funded by FASIE, was successfully finished, and now it’s the time for summarizing and planning.
(We know that lists are boring, but here it is inevitable).

Some milestones are here.

July 2014:  Investment of founder.
Dec 2014:  Grant for R&D has been won in the FASIE “Start” contest.
Apr 2015:  Working prototype of the Terminal is ready.
May 2015:  First prototype of the dispatcher’s software is developed.
Nov 2015:  Prototype of Web Front-End is developed.
Jan 2016:  Winter field tests.
Feb 2016:  Participation in the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum – 2016 (KEF).
Feb 2016:  First R&D study, funded by FASIE, was successfully finished.
Apr 2016:  Web UI and server infrastructure betas were made.
May 2016:  U.S. Patent N 9,338,275 B2 was issued.
Jan 2017:   Dispatcher / workstation app beta was developed.
Feb 2017:   Road test of TreeTalk car communicator in collaboration with dispatcher app.
Aug 2018:   First working version of TreeTalk Intercom was tested.
Oct 2018:   TreeTalk became the finalist of the Call4Makers competition and demonstrated the working prototypes of devices, software and cloud system at Regione Lazio stand at Maker Faire Roma 2018 – European Edition.

2020 Q1: Pilot batch of Intercoms. Field tests.
2020 Q2: Pilot batch of terminals. Field tests.
2020 Q2: Office communication software – public beta.
2020 Q4:  Preproduction models of The Terminal One, Intercom.
2020 Q4:  Certification, launch of manufacturing.
2021 Q1:  Launch of sales (initial market). Mobile app.
2021 Q3: Certification for NAFTA / TPP / EFTA.
2021 Q4:  Launch of server infrastructure and merchandise distribution in NAFTA / TPP / EFTA markets.
2021 Q2-Q4: Testing and debugging of Terminal Two.
2022 Q1: Infrastructure upgrading and scaling.
2022 Q3: Break-even point. Return of investments.

Field Tests – 2016. Winter.

TreeTalk has conducted regular field tests of the voice terminal prototype.

The terminal is designed for professional control room and group real time communications. In fact, this is a new class of mobile devices, in which the traditional strengths of radio communication (instant connection, broadcasting and simplicity) were coupled with the advantages of modern data networks. The voice signal is digitized, compressed, and transmitted by the Terminal to other similar devices and dispatching computers without loss of quality. Thanks to a specially developed protocol, even low-speed second-generation network, covering 90% of the world population may be used as a transport medium.
The methodology of the current test was designed to assess the stability of the device and firmware in real operating conditions.
Within 14 days the equipment was tested around the clock in the laboratory. After that, withinIMG_2611_600 7 days the experimental model of the terminal was working in a car that was moving around the city and nearby suburbs in a mode of normal use. Thus, during parking, warm-up and on the move the terminal subjected to temperature extremes from -30 to +20 Celsius (-22 to +68 Fahrenheit). All this time, built-in audit system was recording the slightest failures in the network connection, the electronics and embedded firmware.
Then, a mobile measuring and laboratory benches were installed and the parameters of the speech signal were measured (in particular, the signal-to-noise ratio and frequency response), which describe the intelligibility and voice recognition when it is transferred from the terminal to other terminals or to the control room computer.


Current testing has been specially planned for the winter period and held in harsh conditions. However, most of the tests completed successfully, clearly confirming the advantages of the TreeTalk terminal  in the reliability and quality of the voice, and the convenience of handling over conventional and trunked radios.
Users of TT terminals do not need to spend time and effort to obtain radio frequencies, search for a suitable location for the control tower and to install bulky antennas. It will be sufficient to purchase the required number of terminals and combine them into a virtual channel via a simple web interface to start using. TreeTalk LLC specialists believe that their technology, due to the convenience, the digital signal quality and additional features, will soon replace the obsolete analogue radio and will be used wherever you need a reliable, constant and instant voice communication.

TreeTalk on KEF-2016

Thanks to KRITBI, which gave its residents the opportunity to participate in the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum – 2016 (KEF), TreeTalk took part in that huge event that gathered more than 6000 participants from different countries. Our b2b project fitted well to the format of the event. That allowed us to make a lot of contacts and to proof our ideas.


Stand of TreeTalk in KEF-2016 hi-tech alley, just a couple steps from the main stage.


We demonstrated newly developed workable prototypes of the TreeTalk’s Terminal and of dispatcher software.


U-Laika the huskies (mascot of Winter Universiade 2019) suddenly visited TreeTalk stand on KEF2016.


TreeTalk  flashed on the federal news.
OTR (Public Television of Russia)  noticed us in the evening Economy news:

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RenTV weekly program “Dobrov on the air”  showed our exhibition among others:

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New TreeTalk Presentation

We hope this simple presentation (15 slides in English) will make our ideas and our traction more understandable.

Links for direct downloading:



TreeTalkPitch_2016_3min_Hinted.pdf (for investors – 12 slides, in English)

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Browse on SlideShare:  Tree talkpresentation


Now We Have a Prototype.

Maybe it sounds too passionate; and someone can remember the Bruce Willis’ popular message “Now I have a machine gun.TreeTalk Prototype 2 Ho-Ho-Ho” from the “Die Hard” movie. But we really proud to present something that we can take in hands, to install into the vehiclTreeTalk Prototype 1e, and to test properly. That’s it.

This experimental device already has some essential features, which distinguish it from conventional LMR transceivers, as following: Continue reading Now We Have a Prototype.

Resident of KRITBI Took “Start”

12/22/2014 14:43
Resident of KRITBI Took “Start”

The Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology has conducted the expert jury of the program “Start”.

Within the full-time expert jury, 142 applications for participation in the program was heard, and 60 of which are recommended for funding, coordinated by the Expert Council and approved by the Bureau of the Supervisory Board.

Development, presented by the company TreeTalk – a resident of the Krasnoyarsk regional innovation and technology business incubator – passed competitive selection. The company develops wireless voice terminals and special networking software for servers.

Under the terms of the programme “Start”, realizing by the three stages, each stage is implemented within one year. In the first year the Fund allocates funds in the amount of 1 million Rubles for the implementation of research, and controls the results. From the second year, the Fund provides financing on an equal basis, that is, the enterprise should attract extra-budgetary sources of funding, or invest their own funds in the same amount as that of the Fund. In the second stage Assistance Foundation allocated 2 million Rubles, the third stage – 3 million Rubles.

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