TreeTalk Selector as a New Software Solution for Effective Collaboration

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Like many other companies, we have faced restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For several months, our development team was isolated in different countries and cities. We did not stop working, and used all available software to communicate with each other, from the popular Skype, Viber and WhatsApp to Google and Microsoft tools. Very soon, we found that existing text/voice messenger apps operating in the session connection paradigm were too slow for us. Sometimes you just need to say a few important words to your colleague or to the whole team, or ask something; and for that you need to open the application, find a contact, wait for the connection, and then talk for a couple of seconds. Not too fast or productive, is it?

Therefore, we began to use our early developments for operational voice communication, which implement the principles of constant connection and instant voice call: the TreeTalk Dispatcher program and the prototypes of the voice communicators TreeTalk Intercom and Universal Communicator. As a result, all our colleagues, regardless of their location, were able to communicate with each other in real time. This type of software is typically used for communication between dispatchers and elevator cars, delivery robots, or IOT devices. While it served a purpose, it was a bit strange to use it for communicating between people in our context.

TreeTalk System
Fig. 1. Universal cloud platform TreeTalk

Therefore, using the same universal platform TreeTalk Voice Cloud * (Fig. 1), we developed the TreeTalk Selector – software designed for communication between humans. We borrowed the name of the program from the antediluvian commutators with a microphone and many buttons, which, however, perfectly coped with their task at the time (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2.  Old-style Intercom Control Desk

Several months of using the software have proven its effectiveness and convenience, and also highlighted areas for further development. Now we are ready to present this handy tool to the general public.

TreeTalk Selector: what it is and how it works.

Installing the TreeTalk Selector application on a personal computer allows you to be in the constant connection with everyone: you can communicate with any employee, colleague or team member in real time using instant voice communication, text messages and file transfer. Also, you can communicate with the entire team at once using a common call (Public Address), just as easily (Fig. 3).

TreeTalk Selector - Main Window
Fig. 3. Main interface of the TreeTalk Selector software

TreeTalk Selector: main advantages.

+ The concept of permanent connection allows any member of the group to speak to any other colleague instantly (selective call) at the push of a button.

+ Broadcasting (public address) is handy for group members to discuss general issues as well as for announcements.

+ Text messages (chat) and file interchange are available along with addressing an individual user or the entire group.

+ A simple and convenient interface allows you to use most of the functions from a single window by pressing one or two buttons, while seeing the complete picture and chronology of communication.

+ Visual and audible alerts remind you of a missed (unanswered) call.

+ Received files and text messages are automatically organized and stored on your computer in separate folders under the sender’s name (Fig. 4).

+ TreeTalk protocol is super modest and undemanding to data networks. The app may be used on congested virtual private networks (VPNs) and wireless mobile networks, starting from the slowest 2nd generation (GPRS / EDGE) **.

+ The application is compatible with other TreeTalk programs and devices. The virtual channel may include, for example, a car / handheld communicator, an intercom or a communication panel in a warehouse, laboratory or shop.

+ Henceforth the term of “maximum session duration” and other restrictions are a thing of the past. With this app, real-time communication is available 24/7.

TreeTalk_Selector Contact Window
Fig. 4. Opened window of the selected contact in the TreeTalk Selector program

TreeTalk Selector: safety.

We used to develop our products primarily for professionals, so privacy and communication security is our absolute priority.

+ We do not store your personal data, files, voice and text messages on our servers. All information is stored only on your devices, and you can dispose of it at your discretion.

+ All transmitted information is protected by strong end-to-end encryption ***. Only members of the group have the encryption key. It is separate for each group and you can change it as often as required. Thus, it is extremely difficult to intercept data or eavesdrop on messages. Even if you have lost a device with a running program, it is enough to change the cipher key and continue working, even without waiting for the administrator to completely block the compromised application (device).

+ Protection against unauthorized access to the group (virtual channel). Only the administrator has access to the web control panel and is able to add a user to a particular group. Users do not have the ability to “invite” outside participants, even if they already have an application and a login for the system.

+ Protection against “the clones”. It is impossible for two users with the same login (as well for cloned applications) to work simultaneously in the system (even in different groups).

TreeTalk Selector: additional features and benefits.

As you can see from the above, TreeTalk Selector is the perfect solution for remote workers, outsourcers and smart working in general.

Based on the basic functionality, we will be gradually adding more and more useful functions that expand our software’s field of use. The opportunities that are available now or in the final stages of development are presented below.

TreeTalk Selector software in presentation (education) mode
Fig. 5. Interface of the TreeTalk Selector software in presentation (education) mode

Using TreeTalk Selector for education.

The urgent transition to distance learning fell on educational institutions unexpectedly. For this purpose different schools and universities began to build confusing workarounds using a variety of existing tools. At best, those tools were free specialized platforms for online learning. Sometimes they used messenger or video conferencing software, such as Google Meet or Zoom. However, in many cases, the use of these tools is not very convenient, and many features are redundant.

For example, resources consuming video translation is unnecessary in most cases. A lecturer is usually not required to see the faces of all students during a lecture, and students do not have to look at the lecturer all the time. Sometimes monotonous reading, without a frame change, is just tiring. We believe that the basic functionality of the TreeTalk Selector computer program is sufficient for most training tasks:

+ The app itself is an enclosed virtual auditorium. In the standard version, you can create a teleclass of up to 64 people. This number can be increased in specialized versions.

+ Any scanned image or photo, even a photo of a familiar blackboard, can become a teaching aid in the image demonstration mode.

+ Images are not completely static. You can send new illustrations during the lecture. Plus, the “hovering pointer” function allows the lecturer to show the audience in real time the place on the image that illustrates their words (Fig. 5).

+ Voice functionality allows you to poll specific students in private conversation mode or broadcast to the entire audience.

+ The duration of the session is unlimited.

Considering the need for distance learning has always existed and always will, we are closely monitoring all the trends in this area and will be adding additional functionality.

Using TreeTalk Selector for online meetings and presentations

The application is a ready-made environment for online meetings and presentations. You can make a general announcement, hold a meeting with your team, and share urgent information at any second. There is no need to install special software, distribute links by email, or any other frustrating setup.

The available capabilities are quite enough for presentations. Dynamic demonstration of slides (graphics) as they are received, group voice communication and text chat (both group and private) allow you to convey all the necessary information to the audience.


We are confident that TreeTalk Selector will be used by many teams across a wide range of industries. It doesn’t matter where you are – in different cities, countries or in neighboring premises. A real-time voice interface, which naturally mimics communication in a common space, can help teams of all sizes to seamlessly digitize workflows, reduce costs, and allow people to interact faster, easier, and more efficiently.

Our product is currently in private beta stage and we are onboarding new users from the different categories to improve the functionality. If you are interested in using our software for smart working / smart mobility, please write us an email.

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* The technology is specially designed to provide continuous voice communication and is protected by US patent 9,338,275.

** Know-how of Tree Talk LLC.

*** Feature may be disabled or limited in countries where encryption laws apply.

TreeTalk Universal Wireless Communicator plus Support Panel


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Universal Communicator and PTT panel are designed for unbroken real-time voice conversations between remote objects, like elevators and isolated rooms.

Based on the TreeTalk Intercom prototype, we have developed the Universal Wireless Communicator. It is designed for real-time voice conversations between remote objects, for example:

1) separated rooms, shops, or offices;
2) elevators and control room;
3) mobile objects (delivery robots, unmanned vehicles) and support service or emergency response;
4) soundproofed rooms (for example, at the box office);
5) self-service kiosks and laundromats, ATMs and customer support (dispatcher);
6) train cars and the driver.

The communicator consists of a Universal Communicator Box (UCB), which contains all the electronics (fig. 1), and a miniature panel with a Push-To-Talk button (PTT Panel, fig. 2), which can be integrated, for example, into the wall of an elevator car, as well as into an ATM or kiosk.

The Advantages of TreeTalk Universal Communicator:

1) Modular design: only a front panel, which meets the requirements for a particular use case, is publicly available. That might be a vandal-resistant metal construction for streets and elevators, or a hygienic touch-pad for hi-passability locations (ticket offices, front doors, hospitals), or a wooden or plastic decorative insert for vehicles and interior spaces. This also means that the main electronic circuit is reliably sheltered from dust, moisture and external influences in the box, which can be located covertly.
2) The communicator does not require wiring: communication with the dispatcher is via Wi-Fi and/or a cellular (wireless) network.
3) Voice communication is always on – just push a button and talk; the dispatcher program allows you to see where the signal came from and to respond instantly*.
4) If occasionally messages come from several places at once, they do not interfere with each other: the dispatcher will hear them sequentially; besides, messages can be listened a second time**.
5) Using the same program, the operator can communicate with mobile repair crews, concierges, service personnel and other staff.
6) The built-in emergency power supply of the communicator allows maintaining communication for at least 1-2 hours in the event of a power outage.

TreeTalk UCB as an Elevator Communicator.

Let’s consider the advantages of the TreeTalk Universal Communicator when used as an emergency button in the elevator car for communication with the dispatcher.

Tree Talk Elevator Communication System
Fig. 3 Tree Talk Elevator Communication System

When equipping an elevator car with a TreeTalk communicator, no additional cables are required. In the multi-storey houses built in the 50-80s of the 20th century, elevators were equipped with communication cables that run to the control room, but most of these systems are out of order and in poor condition. In older buildings, it is even more difficult to lay any new wire line. Therefore, when upgrading such elevators, the TreeTalk wireless communication device saves a lot of time and money. It is enough to fix it on the wall of the elevator car and connect the main power (Fig. 3).

Thanks to the modular design, you can use the wireless protocol that is less costly. It is recommended to use a dedicated Wi-Fi router with a directional antenna for the elevator shaft. However, if there is a reliable wireless connection in the entire building (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, 5G …), the network adapter can be installed directly in the Universal Communicator Box.

Changing the service company, changing the location of the concierge or security post no longer presents a problem – just transfer to a new location the computer with the dispatcher program (TreeTalk Dispatcher or Selector) and provide access to the network (fig 4).

TreeTalk Elevator Dispatcher Software
Fig. 4. TreeTalk Elevator Dispatcher Software

The cost of maintaining the TreeTalk system is much lower than traditional systems, and replacing equipment in case of failure does not require special skills and is really fast. The system is configured using a convenient web interface (Fig 5). A friendly TreeTalk support team is always ready to help if something is not clear.

Fig. 5   TreeTalk Administrator Web Interface

If the standard elevator panel is already equipped with a call button, microphone and speaker, just connect the Universal Communicator Box to it using a universal twisted cable. In this case, there is not even a need to buy a dedicated front panel.

All these advantages make obvious the choice of communicators and software by TreeTalk when installing new and maintaining existing elevator equipment.

* The technology is specifically designed to provide uninterrupted voice communications and is protected by US patent 9,338,275.

** Know-how of Tree Talk LLC.


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TreeTalk at Maker Faire Roma 2018 – European Edition

TreeTalk has demonstrated the working prototypes of devices, software and cloud system at Maker Faire Roma 2018 – European Edition.

TreeTalk became the finalist of the Call4Makers competition in the Innovative Projects category and presented its promising products at the Regione Lazio stand. It is a great honor for us to represent this Italian region at such a major international event.

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show on Earth in the field of invention and creativity. And Maker Faire Rome is the world’s largest Maker Faire exhibition after the “Bay Area” and “New York” in the US. Over 100,000 people participated at the biggest European innovation event in 2018.

It was an amazing 3-day event, transmitting its energy to visitors and participants. Existing companies and promising projects in various fields, such as electronics and prototyping, robotics, space, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality were presented at dozens of thematic sites of the Nuova Fiera di Roma exhibition center.

Universities, as well as business incubators and Active Spaces (Spazio Attivo) – innovative creative platforms of Lazio Innova, represented their projects. A special place was occupied by master classes and Science Show for young people and children. And, of course, in a country where the art has long become an integral part of everyday life, particular attention was attracted by the places where art and modern high technologies together created new interesting forms.

The attention of visitors was attracted by the tireless iron (literally) rock musicians of the One Love Machine Band, playing in the open air. Amazing products, decorations, clothes and art objects from traditional materials (wood, metal, ceramics, and fabrics), but created using digital technologies, were presented.

In addition to the entertainment program, the attention of specialists was attracted by high-tech solutions in the field of Industry and Business 4.0, revolutionary solutions for the retail, agriculture, food industry, and waste processing.

It is worth saying a little about the site where the exhibition was held.
Fiera Roma was opened in April 2006 and is one of the largest and most prestigious exhibition poles in Europe. This is a great architectural work, designed by the architect Tommaso Valle, and this is an excellent futuristic business center. The center is powered by the largest thin-film solar system in Italy, covering about 38,000 square meters of the pavilion roofs. The system generates 1.8 million kWh of clean energy per year.

In addition, Fiera Roma is a center for international trade and communications. Rome is not only a world-famous tourist destination but also a very important business center, strategically located in the midst of economic flows between north and south Italy and Europe. It is a bridge between old and new markets, equipped with modern and functional structures. The exhibition center is part of a multifunctional retail and office district with an area of more than 390,000 square meters.

Fiera di Roma is situated in a strategic location and is served by an excellent transport network. In addition to roads with convenient parking and interchanges, the complex has its own suburban railway platform (2 stops from the Fiumicino international airport or several stops from the center of Rome). At the time of the Maker Faire exhibition, the Italian railways not only increased the number of trains but also organized an information point on the platform with multilingual staff helping visitors to buy tickets and understand the routes.

TreeTalk presented its promising developments at the exhibition. Those are the real-time voice communication devices: the prototype of the car voice communicator “The Terminal One” and the prototype of the stationary communicator “TreeTalk Intercom“. Also were demonstrated: a prototype of a user web interface for managing devices and their groups (TreeTalk Web Panel) and a prototype program for the PC TreeTalk Dispatcher, which combines the functionality of personnel task management and instant communication with a specific employee (selective call) or with the whole team (group call).

We are grateful to the jury of the Call4Makers contest for the high appreciation of our developments and the opportunity provided. Thanks to participation in the exhibition, we were able to acquaint many people with our developments and get extremely useful feedback that will allow us to improve our prospective products.